Close-up of a motherboard

Shawki M. Areibi Ph.D., P.Eng

School of Engineering


University of Guelph

    Shawki Areibi portrait

    Research Interests

    • Physical Design Automation : This research activity addresses the problem of VLSI circuit layout. The research deals with the algorithms that are used inside VLSI design automation tools, also called computer-aided design (CAD) tools.
    • Reconfigurable Computing Systems: The goal of configurable computing is to achieve most of the performance of custom architectures while retaining most of the flexibility of general purpose computing
    • Hardware/Software Co-Design for Embedded Systems: The main research involves developing a methodology for specification, automatic synthesis, and validation of this sub-class of embedded systems.

    Graduate Courses

    • ENG6490: Optimization for Engineering
    • ENG6090: Reconfigurable Computing Systems

    Undergraduate Courses

    • ENG2410: Digital Design
    • ENG3640: Microcomputer Interfacing