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Student Thesis


Abstracts of all Student Thesis: 2000 – 2018

Current Ph.D Student Research/Proposals:

  1. Ahmed Shamli (EDG 2019)
    Hyperspectral Image Classification using Semi Supervised Learning
  2. Abeer Alhyari (EDG 2019)
    Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques for Electronic Design Automation

Current Masters Students Thesis:

  1. Hannah Sz (Start Date: Fall 2018)
    Smart Sequential Decision making for FPGA CAD Flows
  2. Timothy Martin (Start Date: Winter 2018)
    Timing Driven Placement for UltraScale Architectures

Previous Ph.D Student Thesis:

  1. Ziad Abuwaimer (Completed in 2018)
    Analytic Placement Techniques for Heterogenous FPGAs
  2. Ahmed Al-wattar (Completed in 2015)
    Run Time Reconfiguration and Operating Systems for Hardware Accelerators
  3. Omar Ahmed (Completed in 2014)
    Architectures for Network Processors
  4. Ahmed Elhosini (Completed in 2010)
    Hardware/Software Co-design of DSP Systems
  5. Zehn Yang (Completed in 2007)
    A Multiple-objective based Hierarchical Global Routing Approach for VLSI ASIC Design
  6. Ryan Pattison (2019)
    Parallel Processing Techniques for FPGA Placement

Previous Masters Students Thesis:

  1. Griffin Lacey (2016)
    Implementing Deep Learning Algorithms on FPGAs
  2. Mohamed Mahjoubi (2016)
    Automatic Algorithm Selection for Packet Classification
  3. Basil Debouski (2016)
    Recommender Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks
  4. Dunia Jamma (2017)
    Novel Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning
  5. Laura Richards (2011)
    Multi Experts for Data Mining Systems
  6. Sama Shiek (2012)
    Classification Algorithms for Data Mining Systems
  7. John Huissman (Sep 2010)
  8. David Hermann (Sep 2009)
    Joint Oversampled Sub-band Audio Processing and Coding using Sub-band Predictive Quantization: A Study
  9. Mahdi Ghazali (Sep 2009)
  10. Ahmed Alsaghir (Sep 2008)
    Communication Protocols on Reconfigurable Systems
  11. Cecille Freeman (Sep 2007)
    DSP Algorithms for Noise Reduction
  12. Antony Savich (Sep 2006)
    A Hardware Implementation of a Mixture of Experts
  13. Fujian Li (January 2006)
    A Hardware/Software Co-design of Fiducia/Mattheus Partitioning Algorithm
  14. Vijay Pandya (September 2005)
    (THESIS PDF) A Handle-C Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks on Reconfigurable Computing
  15. Guangfa Lu (September 2004)
    Sequential/Parallel Heuristic Algorithms for VLSI Standard Cell Placement
  16. Ahmed Elshamli (August 2004)
    Mobile Robots Path Planning Optimization in Static and Dynamic Environments
  17. Stephen Coe (August 2004)
    A Memetic Algorithm Implementation on a FPGA for VLSI Circuit Partitioning
  18. Xiaojun Bao (August 2004)
    Constructive/Iterative Based Heuristics for FPGA Placement
  19. Shaw Li (August 2004)
    A Hardware/Software Co-design Approach for Face Recognition by Artificial Neural Networks
  20. Hao Sun (May 2004)
    Sequential/Parallel Global Routing Algorithms for VLSI Standard Cells
  21. Wenxin Wang (May 2004)
    Low Power Multi-Threshold CMOS Circuits Optimization and CAD Tool Design
  22. Peng Du (December 2003)
    Fast Heuristic Techniques for FPGA Placement Based on Multilevel Clustering
  23. Kris Nichols (December 2003)
    A Reconfigurable Computing Architecture for Implementing Artificial Neural Networks on FPGAs
  24. Gurwant Koonar (July 2003)
    A Reconfigurable Hardware Implementation of Genetic Algorithms for VLSI CAD Design
  25. Zehn Yang (June 2003)
    Area/Congestion-driven Placement for VLSI Circuit Layout
  26. Matt Thompson (May 2000)
    A Clustering Utility-Based Approach for ASIC Design